Girls, what are your actions?

When you found that a guy loves you then what are your actions towards him? How will you talk to a guy who has just met you but you both have chatted before? What topic you would like to speak about?


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  • Its never attractive to be obviously super into someone, and sometimes being too desperate can scare away people who otherwise would have dated you. Just play it cool and talk to her casually about whatever you have in common- if you work together, work and your coworkers. If you go to school with each other, mutual friends and just stuff like that. Ask her about her music tastes and what she does in her free time and the conversation will most likely take care of itself.

  • My actions don't depend on whether he loves me, they depend on whether I love him. I'm not going to be intentionally cruel, but if I'm not anxious to be with you, I'm not going to be with you.

    • I and a girl have decided to meet each other on Monday. I know her very well but she don't so that's why she wanted to meet me. When she meet me what should I do so that she will keep having a convo with me and take some tinterest in me? I would appreciate your help :)

    • Talk about stuff you're genuinely interested in and know something about. Actually listen to what she's saying. Stay positive. Be courteous and respectful. Go somewhere where there's stuff to DO when the conversation lags.

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