How to deal with a guy who is likes you but isn't ready for commitment due to his priorities?

He has this huge pride and ego about his achievements and accomplishments. Dont get me wrong he is such an amazing guy. I just dont know what to do. I mean i dont want him to freak out or anything. I just want this to make this work but i dont know.


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  • I think it goes somehow on me... to busy to be with... i canot give the required attention to the woman and that what prevents me from being in serious relationship.

    • you could miss out on something great ;) not every women needs a lot of attention. Meeting up 1 a week would be too much of en effort?

    • Not all women wants or requires the need of attention from their guy.

      Ugh this is ao hard

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  • If he's not ready for commitment then you can't make it work, assuming "it" is a relationship. If you're content with it just being a casual thing that he might end at any given moment, then go for that. But don't expect him to magically commit to you. If he has commitment issues because he's too busy or because he has other priorities (such as living the single life/partying/whatever, I don't know the guy so I'm mentioning most possibilities) then you need to respect that. Don't go into this thinking something serious will be the end result, because this is not the case 99% of the time. If you really want a serious relationship, then I would suggest breaking things off with him and looking for someone who is on the same page as you... ready to commit.

    • I know. Its just so hard to face the reality though. Its like you know what you need to do but then again the question is how can i make it happen or how can i break it off and let him go. Its hard once you started to have some feelings for him

    • I get it, but think about it like this... you're only prolonging the inevitable. And the longer you wait, the harder it will be. The quicker you do it, the faster you might find someone else instead. You have a LOT more to lose than gain from this.

    • Alright alright. I'll see how it goes and end this confusing thingy with him. Time to be strong. Thanks!

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  • Don't make someone a priority when they treat you as an option. You're better than that :)


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