ONLINE DATING: A second message?

So here is a fun question about 6 months back I was on an online dating site and I recently went back. I noticed a few girls who are still on there but who didn't respond to me months back when I messaged them. Personally I'm messaging them because in my opinion why not? Worst I could get is nothing or rejection. Also the reasons they didn't reply before may have changed, like they were seeing someone else or better yet their standards have dropped to levels where im acceptable lol.

Anyway it got me thinking, how soon is too soon to try messaging someone again online? In my cases its been awhile but I wonder where that line is. When does it go from annoying person messaging me again to just another message in the inbox.
Not so curious about my situation I should mention that again. Just in general Girl/GUys when is that threshhold of someone could mention you again and you wouldn't care. I think for myself its maybe 2 or 3 months.


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  • Forget Them, for if you got this pay no mind list with them before Then.. Shut the door and Begin your Beguine again, my friend.
    Start fresh with New faces and places. And if the same thing happens again, move on from this and consider these messages that Are... Nothing or rejection.
    It;s not fair to you that you have to ever consider yourself second best with even the rest, even behind the computer curtain.
    Good luck. xx

    • not about that just about curiosity, not even saying im messaging anyone from 6 months ago. You never know why they didn't reply before, could of been dozens of reasons. Maybe your first message just sucked. I'm just curious where that line in the sand of trying again too soon is. Not so much that I care if it works.

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    • that is definitely the truth. I have dont a lot of it over the years and have gotten pretty good. i just do not try many people twice unless its been an outrageous amount of time as it has this time. I have even gotten a few replies from people I didn't before. I know if I had tried again and it had only been a month I would of been considered clingy or stalkerish. Even if it was the other way around, so I am curious when the sweet spot is for other people. Mine is probably 3 months but I haven't had a good way to test it.

    • I have had guys come back and try and try again, even after a month or more and seem that I have dated and dropped, come back to find out if there is more in store.. However, it is just a fun way to try and meet others behind the Computer curtain.. I even met a man from Egypt whop found me on FB and I ended up flying out to to meet up with him and his family and we had tied the knot. lol:)) xxoo

  • i have never been on a dating site.. but if you are talking about 6 months.. then i think it won't really matter... if she is interested this time... she will reply..


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