Who has the right in the argument between me and my girlfriend?

I was driving yesturday and i was going 20 over the speed limit and she bagn getting scared and started to complain. So i let off the gas a bit. 5 minutes later i picked up speed again hoping she would not notice then she said "seorusly stop it, i'am scared, what if we crash, then what will you do?". So i like to incorporare jokes when we argue just so it doesn't seem serous so then i said "this car proabably has a 5 star crash safty rating so we will survive!". Now she got really mad when i said. So then she was like "omg i'm not getting in the car with you again, you're not a racecar driver". Well since she insuted me i took a corner faster than normal and then she got all worried XD

Once we got to her house she was like "from now on i will drive since you can't".

Ok so who has the right in this one. I was going fast to have some fun with her, but is she over reacting here?


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  • I would say honestly, you're kind of in the wrong, all though you did as a joke, if she's seriously scared then you should've left it as that. In her perspective she may not be able to take a joke however, it's not a joke when it comes to both of your lives, not saying you'd crash but there's always what if's. So I wouldn't say you're in the 'wrong', but you definitely didn't listen to her wishes, especially when she has no control over the wheel in this sense.

    • well we do joke around and she does laugh at my jokes, but I don't know maybe she is scared of speed, she held me tight when i accelerated but I don't know why she is so scared. Should i talk to her about it maybe?

      I will apologize today. maybe she had a bad experience as a kid.

    • Exctly! You never know if something went wrong whilst she was younger etc.

    • i will chat with her

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  • Slow down use cruise control she scared and you car isn't perfectly 3500 people a day die in car crashes 10 000 000 people a year are permenly disabled and the average person has to pay $820 more a year 8n taxes to clean up car crashes fix damaged properties

    • well you gave me facts i did not know. I will say sorry to her and not speed with her

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    • well i mean if i do go REALLY fast, i make sure no one is around me, i'am somewhat safe and i also make sure no one is in the car with me either. Speed is something i like, it's hard to explain it, it relieves my stress and worries, i can't explain it.

    • That's why the built race tracks as a former firefighter I have cut enough dead bodies out of cars to do that on public roads

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  • She had a point and you were being kind of an idiot. If you want to have fun and go super fast take her to an amusement park instead.

    • lol, why can't i take her to a racetrack? jk, But i will meet with her today and say sorry

    • Lol dude I get that you were trying to impress her but she asked you to stop. Not only did you ignore her but to top it off you were laughing... sounds like a dick move, tbh. Apologize, be a gentleman she'll get over it.

    • i'll take he rout tonight to a place she likes. and i'll actually drive the speed limit, if she tells me "speed up". i'll say "nope i have to obey the law"

  • you were pressing her buttons.
    say if you were a smoker and you had passengers who didn't like smoke or who had asthma to make a comfortble ride you should take consideration not smoke so others can be comfortable and trust you

    • i guess i did scare her a lot :/ i will apologize to her, i will also ask her if she had a bad experience as a kid with speed or something

  • It's always your girlfriend. You shouldn't have been intentionally scaring her. Then to crack that type Joke. Like no.

    • she knows i like to joke around, i will say sorry anyways and maybe ask her why she is so scared of going fast.

    • Good move.

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  • "i was going 20 over the speed limit"

    Well, according to the law, you're in the wrong.

    • well yes you are correct but everyone speeds. I was trying to put a smile on my girlfriend;s face but instead she got scared. I will apologize to her regardless

    • If everyone jumped off a cliff would you jump too?
      Just stick to the speed limit. You'll get less fines and your girlfriend will have one thing less to nag you about. That's two things in life you need not stress about any further.

    • Too me going fast is fun and it's hard to explain it. I never ever go really fast if there is people in my car and also people on the road, if i do decide to speed i do it at night time and make sure no one is around.

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