Am I missing my fate?

i think I'm really messing up with my whole love life.
When I have a guy I could totally be in love with, I runaway.
When I try to be open, talkative and all, I'm never enough, that's like I should wear a blinking board "Do you want to hang out?" For guys to understand I'm into them.
If they don't understand they are probably not into me.
But I can feel it when a guy tries to flirt with me.. AND I NEVER FLIRT BACK. I'm shy.

like a week ago, I've been to this garage to have my car drained so I did took an appointment, the guy was really cute and even looked me straight in the eyes, there're a ton Of guys working in this corp (last time I've been there a older guy served me and he didn't even took a look at me) and he even said see ya on Saturday, have a good afternoon *smiling*. And today was the day of appointment, there were a lot of people, I've seen him but I talked to someone else because he was busy, the guy said they'll be calling me if they need it and that this guy the cute one who called but unfortunately I missed the call, and I recognized his voice on the voicemail. When I came back, he was there but still busy damn it! He looked more attractive than the last time, I don't know he had his hair different. Anyway, that always like that I'm missing my fate.
I still can go to the shop of the garage but my car doesn't need anything yet.


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no fate but what we make.

    • I know I should insist but nothing helps

What Girls Said 1

  • There is no such thing as fate. You are the one who creates it. You should start controlling your fears though.


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