Is it wrong to date a guy who used to talk to my ex friend?

This might be kind of long so beware, OK so me and this girl I used to work with became friends in fact she was my only friend we started hanging out, a year or so later we meet these guys, 2 of them she liked one and I really didn't care for the other one and one day it was just the three of us hanging out as friends, we would go out to parties etc, this guy became one of my closest friends and my friend and him started sleeping together but she was still dating other guys at the same time, one day I wake up to a phone full of text messages of her bad mouthing me of stuff she had said about me, she said I was boring and that I needed to make new friends because all I do is hang with her all day etc I confronted her about it and she confirmed what she said and decided not to talk to me, so then me and the other guy started hanging out because like I said before he became one of my closest friends, eventually about 3 months later I felt like I started to develop feelings for him, I don't know why I feel so bad sometimes, he said that he feels the same but I don't know. What should I do?
My feelings say, that I really like him, I just get this feeling when we're together like I can do anything, and because our foundation is built on friendship, I feel like he'll have my back no matter what, I haven't felt anything this genuine since my hs boyfriend which ended back in 2013 lol. My mind is telling me that I shouldn't date him because he did sort of date my friend in the past etc and I don't want the image of being some slut when I'm not


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  • So you basically like your friend's ex?

    • Not necessarily her ex and we aren't friends anymore but yeah basically

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    • I guess you've got to decide whether or not you care what some people think. It wouldn't bother me if I was in your shoes, I'd be worried the girl saw me as the safe option though, even if there were no signs of that and she seemed forthcoming. Maybe look at it in terms of returns, not dating the dude and keeping reputation intact vs dating the dude and the rewards that come from a relationship.

    • That's really the dillema I've been struggling with, choosing between my reputation and my possible soul mate, he's told his friends that he wants to ask me out but he's not sure if I'll say yes, its so hard, I don't know what to do

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