Girls, Confused... What is going on?

My previous employer had me on the road. I met this woman, working at a convenience store in a small town I passed through on a regular basis. We spoke a few times, nothing more than just casual conversation. We both ended moving on to other jobs. Both of us are single parents who have full custody of our children.

A couple of months ago, her car got broken into. I read on FB, her pleading with whoever did it to return the money. I went back and forth about offering to help her, but I did offer. After a couple of days of talking, she did accept. I have sent her money a couple more times, for necessities. No crazy amounts and she pretty much refused to take it each time, kinda had to twist her arm into it. Since then, things between us have gotten serious. She's told me she's falling in love with me more and more everyday.

She lives about 2 1/2 hours away from me so we don't get to see each other much. Mainly because her job. She works nights and they have been working her on her scheduled days off a lot. It's hard for us to make plans, especially with all the kids. We have made plans four times to see each other and have only been able to once. The times that our plans were broken, it was on her end. And she pretty much wouldn't call or text for a few hours, until it was too late for us to see each other. When we did see each other finally, she almost seemed distant or reserved. Her kids were there so that might have had something to do with it. I asked her immediately after I got home about it. She told me she was more in love with me and her and the kids had an amazing time.

Yesterday, I avoided her for about 1/2 the day to see her reaction. I got 8 text messages from her. She said she loved me and hoped I was ok. Am I being played or what?

It throws me off when she breaks plans by just not saying anything.
Update: A couple of weeks ago I sent her a text about breaking the plans and not saying anything. She apologized and said she was sorry she had been so busy lately. Over the past week, communication between us has diminished. Yesterday, I didn't speak to her until about 4 pm, then it was just a couple of short texts, which I initiated. Today, I didn't hear from her at all. I didn't text her to see if she would first. I think the end of her and I is here. Suggestions/Thoughts?


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  • If me, I wouldn't get my hopes up or proceed further into this investment of love/money until I got
    a) repaid for that loan
    b) answers in detail for the balks/cancellations - this is simple etiquette and will forecast my future with such a person, allow me to consider if I could continue to live with such
    Yes, I also fear being playing b/c many cancellations are wither kid/family/work-based or another sugar daddy has pulled her lease at last minute
    Gals have the ability to juggle guys much better than vice versa

    • I definitely have my guard up and I'm watching things. I've thought everything you said, but then she'll say or do something that throws me. Like asking if my family will like her and her kids and she can't wait for me to meet her family. I'm certainly watching things.

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    • That would be awesome, but that would be awesome in every relationship. O try not to dwell on someone's past, too much. However I could have saved myself from two disastrous situations had I had that luxury.

    • That's why... potential GFs always befriend his Sister, who may tell more than you know + if you get the name of at least one of the past lovers that will talk over cocktails, that's pretty cheap luxury

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  • I would be careful she might be playing you or she might not be used to a man being there for her.

    • She has told me from the get go that no one has ever cared for her and her kids like this.

    • Then she's just not use to having someone care for her , and she truly cares for you.

  • It sounds like she is sincerely interested in you.

    • I hope so..

    • I hope you're right. I guess I'm just gonna ride things out and see what happens

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