I'm 23 and I never flirt.

I don't know how to be honest. I've had five girlfriends and eight partners and I've NEVER used a pickup line.

I don't even know how to start learning what to say. I don't know much about body language other than really obvious signs. I don't know how to phrase things correctly. But I'm only looking to learn how to flirt. I've never had a one night stand and I'm definitely not looking for advice on how to start.

I just want to be able to have a bit more fun with women I'm attracted to. Help?

Uh. . .

Well yeah, other than my sense of humor I've never been good at compliments, I never touch people, etc .

I'm wicked smart but its to the point where it makes things awkward.
To be honest its cause I'm the caring and sensitive guy. Except its not an act. I don't have any games or plays or any of that sh*t. I'm a relatively androgynous guy that is really into women. I trust women more than men? Its my personality I guess


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  • How did you get the 5 gf's then? Usually courting involves flirting. Pickup lines aren't the only way to flirt. Smiling, compliments, light touching on the shoulder, hands, arms, back, a witty sense of humor all contribute to flirting.

  • I'm interested man, how the hell did you have so many girlfriends and partners without ever flirting? I'm about your age and my track record is a big fat zero! Lol, I'd love to have your problem.

    To answer your question though, google the term "cocky funny" and check out this article: link

    This blog is also full of great dating and flirting tips: link

    • Reply to update: cool, cool...I'm a sincere guy too though and I haven't been nearly as lucky...

    • ...that is, in the dating department...I don't think a girl has ever even wanted me to kiss her...