What exactly is my problem?

Every time I start to like a guy and he ends up liking me (followed by him asking me out) I always come up with a reason in my head why I can't date them. This has happened about three times in the past two years and I'm beginning to think that there's something wrong.

Have any of you ever done this? Why does it keep on happening? And how should I go about fixing this problem?


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  • Beauty-queen's right; if you're looking at the guys and going 'I can't date him, he'd only break my heart/it'd never work/I'd just end up alone" then you're probably scared of trusting another person, and the risk inherent in a relationship. Take small steps, and remember that there are decent guys in the world who will care about your feelings.

    If it's because you seem to always find/fixate on the flaw that makes them "not long-term material" and decide not to bother, remember that this whole dating thing is supposed to be a fair deal of fun; not only seeking a mate, but also a way to accumulate some funny stories to look back on and laugh about later.


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  • Ohmigod! Yes I have been through this before, it's kind of like your scared of getting serious with someone because maybe your scared of getting hurt. Turn and let it naturally come together like being friends and take small steps like hanging hands putting your arms around each other. And maybe that can help a little! =)

    • Yes, I'm scared to date this guy but in a way I want too. But scared of getting hurt, so were taking things slow, and learning different things about each other. Become friends first with that person before making a move.