Does he like me?

So I added a guy from work on facebook and we have spoken on facebook a few times. He sits beside me during break even though there's other seats he could sit on, he always says hi and bye to me. I also caught him looking at me a few times yesterday at work. My friend who works there too said the guy likes me and he doesn't want me to move away. Im moving away as I start university next month and he also called me beautiful. Do you think he might like me? Or interested? Because I would like to get to know him, I like him and I will be doing a transfer at work so I will still see him there when I stay at my parents


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  • all those signs u have say he's actually interested. he sits next to u when there r other vacant seats or he tries approachin u. and yeah yer friend was true. so definetely go for it, he'd be more than happy if u ask him out


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