We kissed, but she still doesn't want a relationship?

I've been seeing this girl for about 6 months now. We started out as friends, and after about 3 months I told her that I liked her. She turned me down and said that we should only be friends. About a month after that she told me that she had feelings for me too, but we could not date because of our difference of religion. We kept flirting, but never got much further. We have cut off contact (about 6 times now), deciding that its best for us to not see each other, but we never seem to stick to it. I finally saw her again after about 2 months of not seeing each other (we still texted every now and then). She had gotten back with her ex, but they broke up, and I think thats why she wanted to see me. The attraction was intense, and this time I finally had the balls to just grab her and kiss her. She wrapped her arms around me, and gently said that she couldn't kiss me, as I kept trying. Even though I didn't kiss her, she seemed really into it. As I drove her home, she looked over at me, and held my hand as she laid her head on my shoulder. When I got to her house, I went for the kiss again, and this time she kissed me back. But then I got a text from her later that night saying that we can't see each other any more, and that she has no intentions of being with me. I said okay, and sent a few fun/flirty texts and jokes about our time out. She was really responsive, and said "aww" when I told her that I had to go. But I haven't heard from her in 2 days.

Was I just a rebound?
I really like her, should I keep trying or finally give up?
I don't think I should text her, until she contacts me first. is that a good idea?
Would a girl date a guy who she's turned down multiple times?


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  • Looks like religion ruins real life once again.


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