Who has more respect? the girl or the boy?

Generally I have been thinking in those last days that there can't be love between a boy and girl if they dont give each other big respect... love is not about kiss, hugs, parties together, sex and hang out. But about the way they treat each other... It is just really difficult to understand what love really is...


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  • Respect , love and Confidence for true love.. this 3 must be. and after sacrifice and logic..
    girl has more respesct.

    • Yeah, because I noticed that many and many Girls around this world has been or has done what I have done, because we thought that the guy really loved us... but then after everything and after they`ve got what they wanted... they left us...

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    • true... this world is full of people who make mistakes all the time, but still there are some people who try to make a difference with trying to make it better with respect and love... and some who don't give a damn and just wanna ruin for others...

    • i hope u find true love and true friends :) u deserve it u have great personality :) and let them go.. they will be unhappy at future..

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