Why is he doing this?

He texts me every single day, but as soon as we first started doing stuff to each other, he's put in less effort. I don't know if I'm just paranoid because this has happened to me before with people whom haven't had feelings and left me after they've gotten what they wanted, or if he's genuinely just putting in less. He knows he hasn't replied to my text, but that didn't make him reply and it's been like 14 hours, but he's been active and done other stuff. Does he not want to talk to me? He mentioned a while ago that he replies so slowly because now that we're "dating" he doesn't have to reply so fast, do you agree with this?


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  • 1. Men are useless

    As long as you remember this you will be fine. I would play him at his own game (if he is playing one) - not text him back straight away. Make him wait a few hours, a few days - give him a taste of what he does to you.

    If you make yourself too available - they take you for granted - even if they like you. You have to busy yourself with life and your friends and make him realise if he wants to spend time with you he will have to work for it.

    • Is that a good thing to do even if we're in a relationship though? Like he does put in a lot of effort into me - ditching plans for me, going out of his comfort zone to try new things with me, he basically puts my happiness before his own, but just as soon as we started doing stuff, he's acted a bit distant, I'm paranoid that maybe I gave in too quick :( but he is my boyfriend, so is there really a "right" time?

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    • That's okay! haha :)

      I guess he could feel like that, like he's never pressured me into anything but we have good communication and I asked him if he wanted to do these things before we went through with it and he said he did, but only if I was ready. He is inexperienced with this sort of stuff so maybe that has played a part in why he's acting this way, he did mention that he felt like he'd be terrible at it and he's been paranoid that after we were to do stuff, I'd lose interest in him for some reason, so maybe I just need to reassure him :) thankyou so much for your help!

    • No problem - yeah definitely reassure him. Sounds like a keeper. Good luck ☺

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