He has a girlfriend, but he admits he has feelings for me... what do I do?

For the past four months we spent almost everyday together. I helped him with his resume', we hung out, chilled, he met my kids, my family. On the 24th of July I found out he had a girlfriend and I met her not by his liking of course. When she spoke about him she complained about everything the sex (who tells another woman that) he doesnt' by her things ( i prefer time spent with me) and what he did by her was "cheap". He says he wants her to break up with him, and he doesn't want to lose me period, he needs me in his life but right now we have to be friends he's always going to be in my life no matter what. He likes me in his life we have a good time when we are together and we are always laughing and smiling. My family says move on my heart says stay and build somthing with him. What actions should i take?


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  • Walk away from him.


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