Is there even a chance she likes me?

Going to make this short. This might get cringy.
Known this girl since 7th grade, when I first developed a crush on her. The usual rumor and she found out thing happened, standard middle grade stuff. She didn't feel the same, bla bla. Didn't talk in 8th grade, I moved away. Started talking to her again last year, 2014, my freshman year. I moved a few hours away. We talked a fair amount. Recently, we've been talking a lot more. She's been messaging me first, carrying a conversation more, etc. But, the one thimg that happened surprised me. I told her that I had to her up at 5am for something the night before. The next morning, she set her alarm for 5am, and wished me good luck for what I had to do. She got up, just to say that. That meant a lot to me. She never gets up early for any reason. After that, she's just been telling me a lot of stuff about herself, and the problems she has. I guess she just feels comfortable talking with me, and she can speak freely. I still like her, and I need to tell her to get over her, and move on. Is there the slightest chance she likes me? Or just sees me as a friend?
Thank you, sorry for cringes.


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  • That depends on whether or not she usually acts this considerate, but I can say from experience that I only act so thoughtfully around a guy I really like. Her setting that alarm shows (I believe) that she thinks about you even when you aren't talking. When I friendzone a guy, I don't think about him much outside of interactions unless we are extremely close.


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