Can I get advice for this sticky situation? Should I go on this date?

I asked out a girl I work with last week and we agreed to go out tomorrow night. Since asking her out, a bunch of people I work with have been warning me not to go out as they are not getting a good feeling about her. I've dealt with f*kgirls b4 but i have yet to get that impression from her, although my coworkers have claimed to totally have had. I've texted her asking if anything was up i didn't know about but she said everything was fine.
Should I go on this date in ur opinion?

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  • be friendly then say on second thought, you think you shouldn't get work and romance mixed up.


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  • If you went out i hope it went good and hope you went with caution to be on safe side ,


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  • I would avoid the situation if your not involved too deep

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