Love a girl who still loves her ex?

I wouldn't even call it dating. We put no title on our relationship cus we've been through a lot. So this girl I'm talking to told me that she's still dealing with a lot with her ex, but she's trying to move on with the situation. Yes, she still talks to her ex and im trying to figure if its wise.

We are going to worlds of fun Friday and simply enjoy that day. I don't know at the same time I'm scared she's just going to go back to her ex. He told her he loved her and she said it back... I don't know if I should question this or just leave it a lone and enjoy her company.

I was thinking of snapping our time together on her phone cus her ex boyfriend is on her snapchat. Or is that being petty... At this point I'm tired playing nice guy


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  • Tell her how you feel. Let her know that's it's not fair for her to keep dragging you along while she sorts things out with him. In all honesty it's a nasty situation to be in, but you need to show her your side of the story.


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  • Don't get involved with someone who still harbours feelings for their ex, whether it's returned or not. It's always stupid, and will always lead to heartbreak.

  • She's going to go back to him.


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