What would be the best online dating site?

I've been in my homecountry for so long and been absent from the dating world. I hardly ever have a social life and just feel like meeting someone.

What's a good dating site that isn't going to charge me?

I don't want to meet just anyone but someone that I can have several similarities with. I'm at a point where I do want to date again.


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  • Plenty of Fish is free and works fairly well for older people but I don't know how it works for younger folks.

    • yeah I would like to meet a guy between the ages of 26 - early 30's... I'm 28

    • There's not much risk involved in trying a free site. Go for it!

    • ok thanks... I'm trying two sites now.

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  • Older Americans prefer Match, POF, Brits would better go for https://www.benaughty.com/ , which is the best in UK, in my opinion.
    So it really depends on your location, which is unknown as u are anonymous.

    • I'm in South America and have been there for a long while now but was raised in FL from ages 4-20. I tried one site and it was only showing results of latino men from my country, which I'm not interest in. I'm only into Western men.

    • either US or UK.

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  • You can find a genuine guy anywhere like facebook... kik or tinder or even GirlsaskGuys just open your eyes and give a try to anyone bc we never who can turns into perfect 😊
    So start finding your Mr Right 👉...😜

  • How about this site there are plenty of good guys on here. just get out there and meet some. Where do you live?

    • I've been in South America for a long while but was initially raised in the FL. I'm trying another site. The previous site was only showing latino men from my country, wasn't interest in any of them. My preference are Western men.

  • Diffidently not G@G.

    • I know. I only use this site to ask questions.

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