Can you be dead honest?

My girlfriend graduated hs. Lately she's been liking her ex-classmates friend status/post/pics a lot. Example he will write "I only want a down female that won't games" and she'll like that status. Another time my girlfriend took a pic of her new car and he said it was nice. My girlfriend then replied with a "yeah we should go for a spin soon". He then talked about how he was going to get a new car as well and put a custom turbo exhaust. My girlfriend then put the "in love emoji face and wrote i can't wait till i see it dude".

They don't hang out at all or text just online talk but this is exactly how cheating starts/ you see it in the movies. Could my girlfriend like this? it's almost as if guy is too blind to see it or either they are really good h


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  • It is kind of confusing. They sound like friends to me, but you would know better. Assuming that your age is accurate and she is in HS (18/19), I think there is a maturity gap between you. She is still young and may be exploring her options? But, as I said, it is confusing. I mean is she bisexual, or what exactly?

    Anyway, judging by the content of their conversations, I don't see anything threatening.


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  • WHY would anyone be against it..
    Like, really?


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  • you're going to get beaten by evolution sorry.
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  • Isn't this a site for girls asking guys about guys, not girls asking girls about girls

    • No, it isn't. Either say something helpful, or move to the next post. Take your judgments elsewhere.

    • They created the site as "girls ask guys" not "girls ask girls about girls"

    • I ain't judging, I'm simply saying how it is. I support gays but, that's not what the site is for

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