Girls, Flirting tips?

I have absolutely NO experience!!! Please help!!!


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  • Here's what I do:
    Eye contact!!! Guys love it.
    Laugh a lot at their jokes and just in general.
    Always smile
    Tease them a little!!
    If you're in class or something, stare at them until they look at you and hold the eye contact for a few seconds then look away and smile to yourself. I have found this to be very successful lmao.
    Joke around with him and his friends!

    Don't mess around with all the hair twirling and eyelash batting, it's too cliche!!! Just be yourself plus a little flirting and you'll be set :))


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  • Smile, don't be afraid to initiate contact or strike up a conversation, tease but in a friendly and fun way, and most importantly, be yourself! (:

  • Compliment him by telling him he looks cute when he's sleeping at night.

    • What? I don't see him when he's sleeping at night! Lol

  • Here is what you do -
    Speak with your eyes - stare at him and then when he notices, hold eye contact for 3 seconds and then away and keep doing this regularly.
    Twirl your hair a bit, just a bit but NEVER too much, boys think it's a bit stupid
    Look at him deeply in the eyes
    Smile a lot and smile a tad smirkingly
    Walk in a strong way (this one is quite effective if they take notice)
    Be playful and be a bit stubborn
    You shall be fine ;)

    • Thanks. I will definitely use this at school. I believe my crush already likes me, but i want to be sure! :)

  • Tell him stuff he says and does is CUTE!! Casually tuch him. And just be cute!

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