Guys, What is wrong with him?

There is this guy I am dating n he is just toobweird to understand... weekdays we get along sovwell but then weekends its like I font exist... he is active on social media as I see him post stuff on fb... the thing I am mostly annoyed by is that when I am trying to solve a problem for him which wants it to be solved desperately... i can see it but he will shut me out... even when knows that I can help... then on his fb he had this lms n ill give uva tbh status so I liked it... then later on when going down my feed I see that he gave a few mutual friends a tbh that too 15 hrs ago... so I checked the rest of those who liked his status n he posted a tbh on everyones wall... just not mine. Its quite frustrating... plus its a LDR. The main reason y I am really determined to solve this main problem of his is that it will solve many more problems for him n he will finally be happy... thats all I want. Sometimes I feel like there is no wall between us but sometimes he totally shuts me out n I hate that.
he even told me that he wants to ve me for forever... this is the second time we r dating. Do u guys think that there is a possibility of him cheating on me coz of the LDR shit... i trust him completely but his behaviour at times makes me suspicious... coz he loves girls way too much... in his town he has had the highest no of gfs but that was long ago... by the way we ve an age gap of 5-6 years... he is 5-6 years older. Please help
thank u in advance :)


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  • It is clear that being in this long distance relationship is putting a strain on him. It isn't uncommon for guys to mentally be distant from their girlfriends when they aren't with them, simply to avoid the pain of not wanting to be with them. I had a friend who stopped writing me after she moved away. I asked her what was going on and she told me that being away was difficult and if we were always writing, she would cry for being away and miss being her with me and the rest of her friends. Distance, being away from the one's you love is hard on people, so before you jump to conclusions that he's cheating on you, remember that some people's only defense it to put it from their minds. You said that you trust him completely but...(I don't usually listen to anything until after the 'but'. Then everything else after that is usually the truth.) And the truth is, you are suspicious of his behavior. If you really care about him, stop following him on social media and call him. Talk to him and express your dismay with this situation. Agree on talking more (or less) depending on how you both feel.
    (Note: If you're 17, that means he's 22 or 23, and guys after highschool usually hate social media and texting.)

    • Ya I am a bit suspicious... but thats only when I ve a feeling that something is wrong... the thing is that we never talk... i try making time but everytime I call him he won't pick up or he will just say that I am busy ill call u later... where that later neva comes... ya I think the thing of him not liking texting could be true coz when he was in high xul he used to spam me with texts but now its very rare to get texts from him... but I ve planned to go n meet him... the only issue is that how will I meet him... in my community its really hard for a girl to just meet a guy... plus he doesn't want anyone to knoe especially my bestie so I can't make plans with her... its hard for me to even get out... so if u cab also come up with some kind of idea please lemme know

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    • Ya I try not texting him soo much... only when I need him thats when I text him a lot

    • Another thing i'd wish if u could clarify... is there any reason y he wouldn't want anyone to know y we r dating
      PS: the people in our community r gossipers n keep spreading rumors here n there... do u think it could that

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  • So this is your 2rd time dating him?

    • yup the second

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    • You welcome enjoy Tour day and feel free too pm me anytime

    • sure tnx a lot

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