Guys, Why would he act like this?

A guy I've been dating offered to cook me dinner last night and then we decided to watch a movie on the couch. We were laying cuddling and talking when he started to tell me how much he likes me and showed me his phone and said he deleted tinder because he wants me to know I'm the only girl he wants to date and talk to and that he chooses me above all the other girls.

We were laying on his couch cuddling and he's like I can tell your not fully comfortable with me yet and I'm like how can you tell? Because I cross my arms sometimes? And he's like yeah that's part of it and im like oh what else? And he didn't answer but then said he is good at making every girl he's been with comfortable so I said how do you do that? Does it make you annoyed that I'm not comfortable yet? And he got all defensive and started saying I ask so many questions and it comes across as rude and how so I expect to get a job one day blah blah and I got annoyed and was like I'm not asking you personal questions I was just curious and he kept going on about it and started to be a bit rude soI turned facing the tv instead of him and he's like wow really? And then he went quiet and I'm like why are you so angry? And he's like I'd like you to leave please so I left

Then he texts me and says "I realised your a dickhead and we are never going to get along and that any moment longer would be wasting my time"

I replied and he deleted me off facebook and told me not to contact him again as he is very angry that I questioned him.
How can he go from being so sweet to so angry in such a short time?


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  • Wow, first off, sorry you had to deal with such hostile behavior. The truth is, you challenged him and is intelligence. This is not your fault in doing so, since he was the one who put himself in the corner and started making things really awkward. My guess is, he's use to impressing girls and while most girls are easy to just go with the flow, you actually were smart enough to ask questions and investigate, rather than just take things as they were. Imagine if you ended up with this guy, but he didn't show this behavior until later down the road because you never said anything. It's important to investigate and test people to find out what they are made of. That's what dating is for, finding out if they're compatible with you. He clearly isn't and it's good that you found out early on. Some guys are more touchy about their authority than others, and this is a guy who deals in submissive women. More importantly, for this particular guy, he thinks he's more intelligent than he really is, with the incapability to express himself in an effective and strategic method. You made the right choice and shouldn't think about him too much. I hope I answered your question

    • I couldn't believe how angry he got over it. Yes he's saud a few times he likes to be dominant which I thought might be a problem because I'm not a submissive girl and I'm very curious I ask questions to get answers and like learning new things and learning more about a person than they would show the average joe.
      Thank your support though he messaged me before saying he has been thinking about it and thinks maybe we should talk about it.
      I haven't replied

    • I think I'm the wrong person to give a real answer as to your next move. I have a high standard and expectation when it comes to how guys should treat girls. Almost unrealistic to some, but at all times, a guy should treat a girl with utmost respect. This world already works so hard to bring us down, why would we willingly choose to be around people who are also working to bring us down? I think you're smart enough to make a decision on this guy. If you have any more questions, you're welcome to message me. Good luck

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  • Without getting too deep into it all, some people are more sensitive to things like body language than others. Regardless of what you meant by crossing your arms and doing whatever you were doing, (you could have meant nothing at all), he interpreted it as an unwelcoming, uncomfortable gesture and blew his lid.

    That said, I think his reaction was a bit strong much given the situation.

  • Honestly it sounds like he was just trying to get in your pants and you ruined his usual groove so he got mad. Then he tried to win you over with ego and bragging. Then you shutdown and he lost interest.

  • You called him on his bau rutine


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