So i've been dating this girl?

Hi , so here it goes. There is this girl with who i'am friend with for about 6 months. She dated my friend for about 2-3years and then they broke up. One day i meet her on the street with my bro, and started to talk to her and asked how is she, later she told me that how great she felt when i talked to her. Since then we talked (6months) in these months she called me bro and stuff but we was also sexting too and everytine we hang out always was fun. She used to tell me everything about everyone and how she feels. One day i asked her out to make me some pictures to upload on fb it was a great time. Later in my car we talk about relationships and ended up she saying that she likes me and would like dating me. I told her that i like her too but i was concerd what my friend would say about this so i sayd lets be just friends. Later on i realized how much i atached to this girl and i realy like her. So there was a concert in town and SHE invited me. Again great time, i was also touching her body (ass) without any complaining. So soon after a couple of days that i told her i'am happy with her and i would like to date her. She was happy we've kissed and almost had sex. Next day she tells me that she's confused and she don't know how she likes me a friend and a lover (at this moment i was 100% ready for relationship and this happend ) i said ok, "i realy like you , i dont want to rush you or influnce your decision, but i'am willing to wait for a 100% clear response from you. She was werry happy to hear this and she said it will take max 1 month since she goes in uk for like 4 weeks.
The thing is that after this talk yesterday we went to a concert and made out , hugss , lots of kisses (emotional atachment too). I drived her home she said she's ganna realy miss me. Ok so today i got a message from her she told me she "wanna take it slow"? so did i do something wrong? She was the one who huged me and kissed me. I'am confused. What should i think?


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  • Mate you have every right to be confused, because in honesty, I think she is confused herself !! Just concentrate on having fun when you get together, and try not to overthink. Just see how it goes taking it easy


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