Is this a good sign from her?

So normally when I ask this girl out she is busy. Naturally I assume she isn't interested but did manage to get a date with her once and then she was busy again. However she told me the other day since she wasn't busy (due to her work being slower) we should do a competition against each other. Is this a good sign? Do you think she was just busy?


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  • It sounds promising. Could be that she just likes your attention but I guess you give her that anyway?

    • Yes I don't have much of a choice there as we work together at college and I'm not going to ignore her. I don't want to hold any grudges.

    • I just meant if u give her less attention than usual she might think she wants a bit more for her ego and that's why she is free all of a sudden. But if you give her constant attention I'm sure it's not that and she's actually into you x

    • Oh gotcha. Well in that case I do have to give her some attention because I have to ask her questions for the job.

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  • Remember that just because a girl goes out with you on a date doesn't mean she likes you, it means she's open to the idea of liking you. If she's 'busy' it could be her taking her time to think about whether or not she still wants to date you. In these situations, where you could have a million reasons why, you should just take her at face value and trust that she is busy and still taking the time to go out with you. Even if a girl isn't into you that much, if she's still going out with you on dates, it typically is a good sign and if you like her you should pursue her.


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  • Yeah, if she went on a date with you, that means she was REALLY busy. And that she wasn't lying! So good luck!

  • Possibly. But if she treated you coldly after the first date, then maybe she really isn't interested and just wants to remain friends.

    • She wasn't cold or anything she just said that she was busy for that week with work. She was still flirty.

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