(Help!) Incredible second date, so why hasn't he texted?

Friday I went on a date, with a guy I had been talking to for about a week. During the week we didn't text too often, maybe once a day i would hear from him, or he would reply to me, but we made plans to see each other early on in the week, we talked about how he wants me to cook southern style food for him, and would text each other before bed to say goodnight on ocassion.

So, he takes me to an Ice-cream parlour, and then we walked around, going in and out of galleries and shops in the area. We talked about everything, and he made such an effort to make sure he walked on the outside of the sidewalk, we walked arm-in-arm and we kissed often.

Eventually he had to stop by his apartment to take a purchase home. We planned on going to a concert right after, but we ended up spending more time watching hysterical music videos, listening to music he wanted to put me onto, and he even played a song he wrote, but had never shown anyone. We were supposed to leave for the concert, but ended up making out pretty heavily, and it was all we could do to pull away from each other and leave for this show. During the show he held me the entire time, we laughed and talked and during a walk in the park, we kissed often once again. He had suggested I come back and stay the night with him, but I didn't want anything too crazy to happen.

After six hours, he still was hesitant to leave the date, he tried to figure out what we should do next, but it was so late in the evening we decided to call it a night, but he told me if his friends from DC didn't have anything planned, that he would want to see me the next day (yesterday) instead. He took the train back with me, we kissed goodnight, and as soon as I got home he texted me to make sure I got in okay. I texted him "I had so much fun tonight!" after his initial text, and he texted back "Haha, As did I!". A day has gone by, I texted him yesterday

Texted him yesterday, which would make 24 hours - Still haven't heard anything, should I be alarmed?


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  • Yea, you should TEXT HIM

    and then women want equality, they can't even take charge,


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  • In the beginning, guys don't really text or call a lot and in my opinion the ones that do are clingy or players. Just be cool and let him do the work of contacting. Don't start texting and looking to eager or needy. They like to do the work and will value you more. All your job is is to be warm and welcoming when he does.


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  • You should text him!


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  • That is just plain wrong! Phone him and act doff like you don't think anything is wrong and then see what his tone etc is like