"I'll Text You Later" No response. What now?

So there's this girl I met about a month and a half ago on Facebook. it started off well enough, and she ended up giving me her number. But our most recent interaction is leaving me rather baffled.

It started ok, with me asking how she had been the past few days (I hadn't texted her for a few days. dont wanna blow up her phone) But after a little back and forth, I ask her "Whats your schedule like next week?" and she responds back to me that she was "in a meeting. I'll text you when I'm done"

And 24 Hours later, I've yet to hear back from her. Is it time I throw in the towel, or should I give it a few days?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Give it time perhaps she is thinking on what to say to you. That's not really something you should rush. Excersize a little patience.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just leave it.

    • See, normally I would. But I think its a bit early to call it quits. Thats always been a problem of mine.

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