Does my boyfriend still think I'm special?

Why do guys stop trying to romance their girl once they have her? I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 months and known him for 6. In the beginning he was so sweet and romantic. He always told me I'm beautiful, took me on dates and was affectionate. This past month though he's different. He no longer compliments me. At all. Even when I dress up for him. I compliment him at least once a day to show how much I still like him and how attractive he is. He doesn't say anything about my compliment nor does he return the compliment. He also rarely touches me anymore. I have to be the one to hold his hand or cuddle him in bed. I feel like he takes me for granted and it hurts. Has anyone else dealt with this situation? How can I talk to him about my concerns without coming off as naggy?


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  • Sometimes guys just think they have their girl so they can stop. My boyfriend has done the same thing but it has been 2.5 years not 3 months... that is a bit premature to stop the romance.

    • It really hurts! I feel like I should stop trying too. It isn't fair that I have to do the romance for the both of us.

    • If he has stopped this early you should break up if it hasn't changed after you talk to him about it.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • He's thinking of a break up

    • Really? he always makes future plans with me though. We both love astrology and he mentioned seeing the meteor shower together and going to a museum next month

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