Two years since I met her... what do I do?

I met an amazing girl at a recruitment dinner two years ago now. Sat next to her at dinner and spent most of it just talking to her. I had missed her name, so as we were leaving, I was about to ride my bike away, but stopped as whe was walking to ask her name again. She told me, and asked if I'd want to walk with her. I walked her home and we talked about all sorts of stuff. In one of my biggest mistakes ever, I didn't ask her out or for her number or anything, I just said nice to meet you and went on my way. She seemed really surprised I think that I didn't, but I had another interest at that time.

Fast forward two years. I've seen her like once in passing since that dinner. Last fall, she did invite me on Facebook to a party she was throwing (we are Facebook firends), but I wan't able to make it. I still can't shake the feeling that I felt talking to this girl, and am finally at a point in my life I'd like to try to do something about it.

Any suggestions on how I can connect with this girl two years after meeting her? I'll be having a party in fall anyways, so I was thinking of inviting her to that to just see if she shows, and go from there. Good idea? Have anything better? Should I just forget it?


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  • invite her and talk to her there


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  • Just ask her out to catch up and go from there.

    You make me want to smash my face on my counter right now.

    • Don't worry, I want to smash my own face into a counter any time I think about it.

      You don't think it comes off as weird if someone you met once asks you out to catch up after two years?

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    • because obviously its that simple

    • You're just making it much more complicated than it is.

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  • Message her on fb and tell her you want to take her to the Belgian Grand Prix!


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