How to make a good first impression on his parents?

He's 17, I'm 16, and we've been dating for about a month and I really like him. He's already met my Stepdad and my mom-briefly- and wants me to meet his parents soon. I'm really scared! He is the first boyfriend I've ever had and I'm not sure how to act around his parents- nice and polite, yeah, but I get nervous and shy sometimes and I'm really worried that's what is going to happen. What should I wear? Would a summer dress be too much? And are his parents going to judge me and think that I'm not good enough for their son?


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  • It's nice that you want to make a nice impression for this guy. The important thing to remember is that no matter what they think about you, you aren't dating his parents so don't take their thoughts to seriously. Honestly, they've already made up their minds about you the moment they heard that their son is dating someone. Not all parent's react the same, most happy that their son is dating, while sometimes there's that one parent that doesn't want you to take their little boy away from them. So just keep your clothing conservative and if you have any radical ideas about feminism, politics, or your previous dating experiences, make sure you leave those at the door. Think of this as a first date, that you're nervous and want to put your best foot forward. Just try to have fun and be yourself. If you're really that nervous tell your boyfriend so he can help you. My last girlfriend was really nervous meeting my parents so before meeting them, I talk to my family and told them that if they weren't on their best behavior I'd kill em ;) You'll be fine so be happy to meet the people who raise the guy you're dating


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  • Just be polite and don't wear anything that lets the meat hang out and you'll be fine.

  • You the first girl he brought home

    • No, I'm his most serious girlfriend but he's brought one other girl to meet his parents but this was like in, tenth grade and he's going to be a senior this year.

    • Just relax there gonna kinda judge you be nice help her mom with the dishes

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