Why do guys get jealous so easily?

I been talking to this guy for 6 months and he's always been jealous from beginning. We been on and off lately, he knows I hang out with guys as friends because I get along with them more than girls. He doesn't tell me I can't, but when it comes to him being with me at party or kickback he gets all jealous. He invited me to his friends kb and saw one of the guys from my high school i went to say hi and see how he's been doing and he was right next to us too so he heard everything we were talking about. He wanted to leave already and I asked what's wrong he said cause I was talking to him the whole time. I didn't care if he talked to a girl he knew in hs. But why must he act so jealous over that? I apologized and he said it's ok just next time I'm gonna talk to a girl" playing around but still that's not ok to say.


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  • It's evolutionary because in the past there was no real way to determine paternity so the jealousy stems from an ancient need to make sure it is their genes being passed on and so they wish to own you basically. In this arena every other male that interacts with you is perceived by the brain to be threats. That's where the jealousy comes from- they wish to possess you and would rather not have you interacting with any other guys.


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  • Girl please leave him and dont try to be friends. This is a bad sign that he is this insecure about you having guy friends and this seemingly harmless trait can escalate quickly.


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