Should I forgive him? Help Please Answer?

Started talking to this guy and shared a lot of personal things with me and I shared a lot with him.. He wanted to meet me in person but he told me soon he's going to be stationed in another country he's in the military so he told me we should stop communicating and I told him that I didn't want to stop... He eventually got drunk and started playing with himself over FaceTime to me.. After telling him what he did when he was drunk the next day he apologized but then told me he had no interest in me anymore and cussed me out and told me to stop messaging him.. I did then a few days go by and he leaves me a voicemail on my phone apoligizing.. I'm not sure what to do or say?


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  • He was drunk while apologizing and cussing you out?
    I almost feel like he was ashamed of his actions and took it out on you (not that its a good excuse). What did he say in his apology over voicemail?

    • Just that he misses me and that he's miserable and apoligizing for what he did

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    • After telling him everything about me then putting thoughts in my head of him wanting to date me take me places it hurt when he told me to fck off.. So yeah I was offended.. I actually texted him asking why he did and thought it would be a good idea to push me away.. Honestly I don't want to forgive him I don't hate him but I don't want him to think I'm just gonna let him come back in my life

    • I've been hurt bad by other guys I told him that and he told me he wouldn't ever do that and he did

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  • give him another chance and see

  • Don't forgive him.


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