Advice for a blind double date?

Ok so my cousin is basically dating this guy that she met a few weeks ago (they have been going on dates and hooking up), and she just invited me to go on a double date with them and this guy's friend. I have never met either of the guys before, but I am especially worried about meeting the one that I'm being set up with. I don't know his name, what he looks like, or anything about him. We might be walking around the mall and going to the movies, but I feel like the movies is kinda weird for a blind date. What do I do if my cousin and her boy start making out in the movies or if my guy makes a move on me? I don't know what is acceptable for a first date. Plus what if I have no interest in the guy that I meet?


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  • Try just talking to him I guess... Just be there for your cousin because she would probably be there for you if you did the same to her. If you feel comfortable with that guy making a move on you then go for it!

  • If he makes a move you better tell him to back off.


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