Just mesg bombed the guy I like... what to do now?

We were knowing each other for 1 and half months,
he is 30, he was the one pursuing me earlier, I finally decided to go out with him after he texted me 2 weeks.

Before we had sex, he told me that he doesn't want a relationship, and hope I don't feel been used, etc.

I thought I will be fine, but then everything went super nice- we dated couple of times, he cooked dinner, took me to movie, go to supermarket together, pick gift for his friend- in 2 weeks!

He went back for a 2 weeks holiday, and we chatted almost every day, we all had our own time, but it feels like he missed me so much.

Then he came back, he arrived at 11pm, he wanted me to go to his place to see him immediately, I waited for one day, he brought me a small gift, I didn't want to have sex coz of healthy issue, he was okay with it, we just cuddled and slept in his place tho he need to work next day morning.

But there was someone constantly texting him that night, I joked 'the other booty call'? He said 'yea, the other booty call in town'... I don't know why I felt so cold suddenly, I thought I don't care... that was Thursday nite, so I asked him if we can meet in the weekend, he said no... and he said he have to see the other girl on Saturday...

I really felt shit when we lay on bed and talk about he is going to see someone else just like nothing.

I couldn't control myself, so Saturday nite I texted him random stuff like 'I'm in a party' & 'show me ur date then I will show u mine'etc... next day I blamed on drunk (i wasn't date anyone), he replied me 'u r grounded by drunk text bomb me '

Sunday, I was so sentimental, coz he didn't text me at all, I texted him again- blamed on my dates that they all only want sex, there is no soul mate etc. He replied me 'I gave up on love a long time ago, you have to be hard and extra optimism, beside I have other things to focus, and I am busy now, sorry. '

Guys, If I want to get him what should I do now?


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  • Just keep trying.


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