Which guy would you rather date?

Eno rebmun esoohc.

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B) link

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A guy voted lol.
So what needs to be fixed to make him datable?
Btw, please mention why you have chosen either A or B.
Pictures are gone thanks for the answers,


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not sure which I'd choose, but I definitely wouldn't say 'neither'... Both look friendly and are wearing colors that compliment their skin tones nicely. It would all come down to personality, for me.


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What Girls Said 7

  • After seeing only the first one I thought oh the second one must be so much better-looking! ...and then after seeing that one I decided the first one. But seriously when it comes to these at least it depends on the personality and character and such [though honestly not to be super shallow but even with good personality and character, neither.]

    • Wow, really, why? Any reasons? Something that could be improved for them to get hot physically?

    • Just not my type of look.

      but keep in mind that what some people find attractive or unattractive others don't so don't take it from me.

    • No really, it sucks because all girls have said neither, the only one that said yes is promoting a dating website from Thailand. Gosh no wonder no girlfriend in 5 years, lol.

  • neither... personality would make a BIG deal breaker...

    • What kind of personality?

    • Well I dunno.... a nice/charming/funny/down to earth personality, I'm sure there's more... but I can't think of some right now...

    • What about looks can that be improved? Another shirt, another hairstyle?

  • neither... ever...

    • Lol, is it the shirt or the haircut, what makes then look so hateful?

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    • So is the hair a huge deal breaker, even with a hot body. Would you date this guys instead:


    • Hahaha no way!!! well maybe, his face is average... his muscles are too big tho. If he was very sweet and dressed well, and had some intellectual hobbies too... then maybe I would date him. Good fitness level, and hairstyle is not bad...

  • WOW! I voted B. and A.

    because...He's handsome ^^

    • Wait, which one did you vote? Is not the same guy.

    • Nice answer though.

  • neither picture is showing up

  • i voted A. but neither one...even though it's the same person.

    • Holly crap, lol, no is not, but that's crazy 'cause the same girl dated both.

  • neither


What Guys Said 1

  • The photos are kind of biased toward B. A low angle picture is more flattering than a straight-on one. B seems to be more friendly looking than A also, by facial expression.

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