How does he feel about me?

I've been friends with this guy for a few years. We had a thing going on at one point but life got in the way and we never dated. We still talk and I think of him as a good person. The thing is he admits to liking me but he isn't ready to date ( which I respect) so I have been with other guys and each time he gets upset. But he always says that he can see me being his wife and having his babies one day. I have mixed feelings about him honestly. He only told me he loved me once.. and since then he refuses to say it. Could he love me? what's the deal with him? I try talking to him about it but he never opens up.


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  • He doesn't want to talk to you about it because you're uncertain about him. Let him be. Why do you want him attached to you while you're not sure if you the feel the same way about him?


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  • He loves the idea of loving you. The fact is he's had several chances to be with you


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