Am I falling in love?

Well i can't tell if i like him,
he's really sweet to me, and
i love it when he gives me cuddles
and when i'm not around hiim I miss him a bit and want to see him again.
Well we met on fb and me and a few friends all hung out and he was there.
And he was so kind like at first he didn't talk to me and i felt sad that and i was too shy to say anything..
but thenwhen we all got the park ( there was 13 of us ) we sat in a circle and he was on the other side. He looked at me and then waved, and then he got up and came over to me. He then talked to me an then gave me a hug. He kept ruffling my hair too and was liek "Awww you sho cute " ( i'm 16, almost 17 an he s 18)
and then
later on we all went to this shop and i went to a shelf on my own and there were these toy japanese alpacas
and i nuzzled it but then right at that moment he walked past the shelf and said "I saw that!" and then he came over and then he hugged me again, and he hugged me at least for tmes and i kept staring at him and he said he was thinkg " OMG SHE'S SO CUTE" And then he also said he thinks i'm super pretty.
And i feel happy and fuzzy when i think of seeing him again soon. His hugs were so warm, i wanted to hug him forever...:/ what is going on?


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  • Maybe Just think will you like if he asks you to be her girlfriend if yes then you did fall in love with him. Cause you miss him if he is away you feel sad when he is not talking to you, 97% you fall in love with him


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