3 great dates, no contact. Now he's seeing someone else?

Went on 3 great dates with a guy about a month or so ago. Had a great time and I found it odd that he stopped calling/texting. Then, after a month of no contact he sent me a Facebook invite to his birthday party. So I finally texted him to see what was up. Sucked it up and told him I thought he was great and I wanted to hang out with him again. He replied with "I think you're really awesome too! Only thing is I'm kinda seeing someone right now. Hope we can be friends and see where things go... Sorry, I just didn't know what to tell you cause it all just kinda happened and I can never read women.. that's why I don't even know what the deal is with this other girl, but I hope you wanna be friends! Honestly it's just bad timing!" And then he told me to come out for his birthday. Where do I go from here?


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  • Oh gosh!

    I got the worst vibes from his message. I am not feeling any kind of consideration for how you feel from his message.

    Do you want to go to his party? How do you feel about him now? How do you feel about his message?