This is probably a stupid question. I try to keep my mind off it?

This is probably a stupid question. I try to keep my mind off it? but i don't think any girl finds me attractive. and if they do why not come up and say something. i would enjoy that very much. thankyou :)


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  • Because they don't want to seem like a weird creep.

    • Oh I see. I've never seen it from that view before. from my view it's go for it. or you'll be kicking yourself later for not having the courage to talk to someone you liked

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  • Of course women want a guy who looks like someone on the cover of GQ. But this is the real world so they usually have to focus on other qualities other than looks. One of the biggest qualities women look for is confidence. You probably have friends who are, or most definitely have seen girls date the douchebag and wonder why. Confidence. These guys wear the clothes they want, ride the big cars, have the walk that say they don't give a damn what other people think. It's all a lie. These are the guys who have the 'I don't give a damn' attitude carry this into the relationship thinking that if the girl doesn't do whatever he wants, he can get another one. You need to find that confidence to be comfortable to be in your own skin. I'm not saying you need to be a douche bag, since those guys never have good relationships, but the ability to walk up to a girl, talk to them like a person and ask for their number speaks to them on a deep level. Even if they don't think you're that attractive, they'll still give you props for your strength and courage that most guys don't have. You wonder why girls don't approach you because you think you look ugly? Girls don't like to approach anyone regardless of looks because they feel that it is the guys job. Find your confidence and start talking to those girls. I make the habit of talking to girls whenever I go out anywhere. Practice makes perfect and after a while, you don't really worry too much about what girls are thinking, mostly what you think about yourself.


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  • Because most girls think that if a guy was interested, he would approach her. Even if she rejects the guy, she still feels flattered. Now if a girl gets rejected by a single guy, then she will feel really ugly, because guys are not that picky. That's like saying she is not even do-able.

    • well if she feels ugly by asking one guy out and then get's rejected. she should get over it. and try it again like us guys. im just saying it shouldn't be a one way street here. come up and talk to us lol

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