Does he like me?

I'm going to refer to him as Alex (not his name). Alex is four years older than me but he doesn't seem to care. I see him very often and regularly due to certain situations. He is very attractive and I do have feelings for him, however, he has a girlfriend. They have only been together for a few weeks AT MOST. Maybe one or two weeks. He never speaks of her, and when someone brings her up he acts weird, not happy. My friend sees him more than I do, due to certain reasons I will not discuss, and she is a LOT prettier than I am. I'm not putting myself down, a lot of people prefer her over me. My friend, lets call her Emma, is very iffy about boys. She has never supported any potential boyfrends. She is really pushing the Alex thing. She tells me she really really thinks he likes me and that we would be the perfect couple. Everyone thinks him and his girlfriend are not good together and will not last much longer. He never acts like he likes Emma more than a friend, never called her pretty, never speaks of her except for a few times in a jokingly way (he brought up her giving us the heart sign and the eyebrow bounce, with the "awww"s.) he never goes out of his way to talk to her. But he does for me. He brings me up in a lot of conversations when I'm not around. He has complimented my eyes, once in the middle of a group conversation, he sa "you have really pretty eyes, by the way" infront of his friends. and then once via Facebook, he sent me a message saying "HEY JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE GORGEOUS EYES AND YOU ARE BERY BEAUTIFUL EVERYONE THINKS SO". He has forced me (not physically) to listen to him while he said that i am "really really pretty" and he said i "need to understand". He actually asks whats wrong and how i really am doing, no one does this to me. He has leaned on me (arm on my shoulder) for about maybe 20 seconds. I catch him staring at me quite often, twice he was "checking me out".

there is much more, just can't say!
is he just being nice?


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  • NO! This guy definetly likes you and when he breaks up with that one^^ or even before if you want tell him you like him too! however, how old are you guys? \

    • Can you message me or vice versa? I donMt want to give too much out in case he some how finds this. Also, should I be insulted/worried that I'm his second choice or plan B? I feel like if I were his girlfriend, I wouldn't like him calling other girls beautiful. Thats kind of why I thought, "oh he's just being nice".

    • You can message me you posted anonymously

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