Guys, Would you fall out of of a friendship?

I mean you and the lady just went out on a first date and things were good. Could the guy lead this lady all this time with normal texts just to tell her what e tol her in that text?
It was a surprise text for u just after one date with that girl? Ok le me explain. Lets say you met a girl just 4 mos ago and you seem you hit it off you had things in common, you texted each other and there were no sigs of a problem either from you or from her., then cam the first date like one mont and a half later, the girl seemed she had a good time, the guy invited her, during dinner he askher questions about herlself, etc you end up the date with a juciy made out session. The following days, you ketp texting each ohter taking abot random things, guy asking the girl to show her feet and hands well groomed, they kind of tease each other, before the first date the guy told her he found a new friend in her, so text s go and come btu not so often in order not to tire the or sound clingy or desesperate so the frequency of te texts were like one each week from ur part. Everythign seem to be fine, then you mention about going on a second date the guy agreed and even the girl was goingto invite him for dinner. Texts conversation include how are things, how was the weekend, etc noram stuff. Suddently just like days before of the last text you both exchange, the guy stopped replying to your texts. You found out one month ago he was going to a trip to Europe with your male cousin, but the guy never told you about., You foind out once the gy was there,ยก. So you acted as you did not know but also never ask him or question him his motives for not telling you so, he may get upset if you do,

So you kept acting as normal, trying to text him but he read your texts but never replied, because as far as you know things wer doing ok in a noral way.

Then suddenly just one week ago the guy text you after receiving a text from you this text. "Whatever we have or it was, is not going to work, I am sorry then in Spanish languge he said I hope you are ok."
it was a total surpirse to the lady as he di dnot give you explaination for his text.
Would you fall out taht fast from a frienship afer just one date if things were doing ok? I mean after the first date, you did nto even see each other but text each other and wer planing a second date..
I mean the guy did not even give a chance to get to know more the lady in order to say that whatever they have is not going to work,. How could he knows that if they only been out once? Girls do you think the guy owe you a answer as to why he said what he said?


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  • that actually happens a lot.

    • That fast in only 4 mos?

    • But why if the guy never give he an explanation to her

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