Why is he confusing?

Me n my ex broke up December last year.. he used to text me here and there to see how i am doing. Few days back when i told him thanks when he wished me for my birthday he said thanks love. So i was like:
Him: all good love
Me: love? Seriously
Him: lol, why? Any issues?
Me: not really. Love ya
Him: me too
Me: but that was a long time ago
Him: you can't expect people to change in a moment
Me: u still?( love me)
Him: probably.

And then he has called me babe and he also told me that before it didn't work out but now that we know more it can. After that, all he does is send me good morning texts. He doesn't text me much during rest of the day. I have to initiate sometimes. He also hasn't talked about relationship or meeting up yet. And it took him 9 months to tell him he loves me? Whats going on? Im confused. . Help.
He has even told me that I am hot and sexy.
He is a taurus by the way


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  • he's confused too, thats whats going on.


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