What does he mean by this?

So, there's this guy I know in college and he has a tendency to always tease me. Whenever he meets me, he will take the chance to disturb me. There hasn't been a time when he has actually said a complement or something.
However, very recently, I was talking with my friend and asked him something about one of the teacher's in his ex-school. He said to hold on because he was searching for a picture of her for me. Then, the guy showed up and asked what we were doing. My friend explained to him while searching for the pic. And then the guy looked over his shoulder and looked back at me and said "Don't need anyone else, (my name) is pretty enough already."
I was shocked so I couldn't actually respond. But I did feel my face heating up because I was so surprised. Then he just looked at my expression, smiled and walked away. Since that day, he has taken to casually complimenting me while teasing me.
Any idea what's with his random change in attitude?


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  • Obviously, he likes you, but is being a bit weird about it.


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  • well dear, apparently he's into you, but some guys can't just lay it out there, they tend to tease and even bother you at times, just to catch your attention. but it comes a time when he decides to be a little bold and give you a compliment, and i guess that was it!


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