Why do I always seem to have bad luck with men? I'm super nice, a christian girl , most people try to take advantage of me?

I've moved around a lot since i was little , from Germany, to america '' pennsylvania , ' , atlanta georgia , sc , and now california. I've been to so many different schools, i have facebook friends , but i feel like i don't have friends to actually hang out with. Back in highschool i always felt like i had to do so much more just to fit in with other people. what am i doing wrong that i have bad luck with men? whenever i feel like it doesn't work out , i rather break up with the guy before he can break up with me. i'm scared not to be loved. My parents didn't give me a lot of attention when i was kid, my dad always left to go to work around 7 am, and came home at 6 pm, Monday - Saturday. my mother was always concerned about my sister. and i feel like i never excisted. i always wanted a MAN to understand me. I don't like when guys just sent 3-4 texts a day. is that normal? The guy i was talking to said it's normal , i don't think it is. What do you think? I'm super nice, i just i don't know, most of my friends think i'm too nice and know that others will take advantage of me. last year i was in a completely abusive relationship , and it messed up with my head. please let me know what you think that i could do to fix myself , or what i'm doing wrong? thanks

- miri :)


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  • You need to be honest with yourself first. What do you want. Ask yourself this. Then go from there.


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  • Lol... this is ridiculous Christian girls are bored, 3-4 text that's nothing I text with my boys about 50 items or more a day , just go out I'm not saying be a slut not at all, but be more social. Have fun and don't be so nice people take advantage of this king of people


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