So I was trying to create some jealously caused I liked this girl but think its backfired?

i've had a thing for this girl for a while but couldn't manage to get her to date me for various reasons but i knew a lot of the girls she works with and is friends with. so i decided to try and create some jealously in an attempt to get her to want me. it was working i felt for first little while and she seemed jealous when i was talking to these girls. but one specific girl that she knows very well i talked to several times at her work and that seems to have annoyed her way more than i ever though it would and she seemed even hurt that i wanted that girl. so now the whole idea seems to have backfired and i've seen her at bar dancing with guys i have never even seen her talk to before and i really have no idea if she is having sex with them yet or not. or if she's doing this to try and get me jealous as i was around when she danced with them. also the girl i was talking to try and make her jealous she seems interested in me now so its all getting very confusing.
any thoughs? how do i go about trying to figure this one out?


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  • you just have to step back and not do anything like that again.

    • our communication is so off at moment I'm not sure what to do exactly , somedays she's more talkative than others. I've never actually done anything with this other girl maybe I can try and sell it to her that I just liked her as a friend? and that she misunderstood things

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  • You are a dumb *** . Let it go. You messed up. Reap what you sow.

    • yeah I guess but I still have to see these girls until end of summer at bars I go to and seem to run into them a lot

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