Girls, 18-24 only please, can a young guy who's bald (shaved from hairloss) afford to have decent standards?

So this is a touchy subject for me but it's something that bugs me a lot, I'm only 20 and I've never had a girlfriend I was always social and most everyone liked me but I grew up in a small town with VERY limited options, I only went for a few girls seriously and they all shot me down, anyway my father passed when I was 18 and being the only I stayed home to save money and be there for my mother (and honestly because I don't know what to do) anyway to add insult I lost most all my head hair to a condition after dad died, so I have to shave it bald, making it very hard to approach girls. And lately me and my mother have been arguing about a few things and she told me now that I'm bald I should lower my standards, that a bald guy shouldn't set out for a beautiful looking girl and should take what he can get. Now that dug deep, mom apologized but still I'm worried it's true, I do have high standards on looks but I only want one girl in the end, and I'd give her everything but I need that attraction physically as well or I couldn't do it... just being honest, call me shallow or not I believe that a strong physical attraction must be there. True attraction in not universal but I think some characteristics like being overweight and baldness are generally turn offs. And like I said 20+no hair+ always been alone makes me feel like mom was right. Why would an attractive girl date the 1% of guys with no hair at 20? So girls be brutally honest here, my father was and I always appreciated that-is a very young guy who's bald able to still keep his standards and go for/get what he is interested in? Or is it enough of a turn off that he should accept any girl who could get past it? Sounds dumb but I won't settle either way I just want to know my odds here, and Please don't turn this into some moral debate about looks not being important and just focus on the question, I admit looks matter so if they do to you I understand.. And before anyone says I'm too worried there is evidence girls don't like it:

  • I don't find baldness to be an issue really, they shouldn't have to give up their standards to be succesful
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  • It's enough of a turn off to most of us that a bald guy should expect less
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  • As you can see by the poll, most decent girls won't have a problem with baldness. Personally, if you've got a kind heart and a sweet personality, then nothing, not even baldness (which isn't as bad as you seem to think) would change my opinion. It's the personality that counts. You don't have to lower your standards, but also remember if you aren't giving some girls a chance, such as perhaps if a girl has a certain "issue", you would be doing exactly what you don't want done to you. So go ahead, seek what you want, you don't need to worry about being bald because it's not an issue. Good luck to you ☺️

    • I never blame girls for wanting their partner to be attractive, I consider that a human thing, and I was curious if no hair=can't be considered very attractive physically at this age. Yes I know most would prefer hair but could you find a bald guy physically attractive? And as for my stabdards while they are high it's not a conscious thing really, I immediately find a girl attractive or I don't and that's not negotiable. Now some girls I find attractive others are just like 'well she's pretty but that's about it' so it does vary, but she doesn't have to be perfect. As I told someone before the two big things for me are face and shape. I'm a smaller guy I'm not attracted to big girls, so if a girl is slender and has a great face she's pretty much good. I'm not so picky as to be like 'she needs her hair like this, hips like this' chest like this' etc.

      No but even though hair is probably a preferance would you say that a completely shaved bald guy can still be very physically attractive?

    • Thanks for MHO ☺️
      I forgot to reply to you sorry.
      Yes I could find a bald guy physically attractive, I have before so you have no need to worry.

    • Been awhile since I checked in on this anyway would you say I pull it off? Just be honest if you think I'm attractive or not.

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  • I'm not gonna lie. That twitter page is funny because some of the comments are so dumb and absurd. But I will say this. Bald guys are not hopeless and should not have to lower they're standards because of it. Just own it. There is this ex-porn star on a dating site who openly admitted that he lost his hair young (he's also in his 20's) and isn't hiding it. If you want I can send you his profile to show you that he still maintained his confidence despite it.

    • Yeah but let's be honest could you date a bakd guy?

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      Do you think I look attractive bald or would I be a no go for you?

    • I think you look attractive. I'd date you.

  • Why would you not get standards?
    I've met several bald guys around my age,, and it looked fine on them, really.
    A shaved head can be nice.

    • If you follow the link many young girls seem to hate it

  • I'll tell you what i tell everyone who fixates on a certain feature they are insecure with... everyone has their insecurities even people who seem perfect have scars and stretch marks or a horrible attitude.

    Instead of fixating on what YOU find to be a negative feature you have, work on building up all the other things that can be positives. Work out, get a good job, become a humble and good person (if you are not already one) develop a good style etc etc. That way you will have so many positive attributes that people will look past your negatives (which in my opinion baldness is not too big a deal anyway)

    • I have always been and still am working on myself, I am pale and tanning does nothing for my one step above ginger skin, my personality and morals etc are all very good, not perfect mind you but for our age I am proud to say I stand out in many ways as far as those aspects. I work out some but mass evades me, I get good tone but no mass a lot of guys in my family are the same way, and I'm going to finish out skydiving classes next year, I started two years ago and loved it so I do have passions,

      However while you may not see bakd a negative in a guy you just meet as a person what if that guy pursued you? I don't mean this as an interrogation but many say something's not s big factor then when it's presented to them they falter. So could you personalky find a young bald guy attractive and give him a shot? Or is it not your cup of tea? Be honest I'll respect your answer

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    • Well I didn't mean me personally, I just meant could a guy with no hair still be seen as attractive in this era where Beiber styles rule the day. But you did answer it by saying the hair or lack thereof wouldn't be an issue

    • Here's a pic of me, do you think I look attractive or not then, sorry long time since I checked this.

  • There's really no one-size-fits-all answer to that. Some girls will be fine with it, some maybe not as much. One thing to think about is that if you really want these super attractive girls, a lot of them are going to be shallow and know they can get whoever they want. Do you really want that kind of characteristic in a partner?

    I think once you live a little more, you might change your mind a bit.

    • My standards are very set, and trust me I've lived plenty, many friends even older go to me for advice on things. A good heart counts, but friendship brings a good heart too, a romantic relatonship must bring the looks and attraction. And yes some of the girls are super good looking true, but I'd say my limit is a 7 (I'm not overly fond of numbering a lot but just to give you an idea) my main preferenaces that dealbreak or face and shape, they need a great face for me to look at, and they need to be slender, I am not attracted to bigger girls and so usually if a girl has a great face and is skinny or in shape she is attractive to me, I don't care much about chest or butt size like some guys and prefer smaller I'd say so they don't need to be great there. And lastly I don't want this to sound bad as it's not a conscious thing, but I've never been attracted to darker races, Indian, or black etc. I know that sounds bad but it's something I don't think about that I stay within my own race.

    • No but continuing on, my standards on this are something I will not let change, I've survived a lot and still done incredible things, I'll only date the kind of girl I can tell she's beautiful and mean it, sounds harsh but that's the truth.

    • Still not, nor ever changing my mind. Physical attraction is a must, she's got to be a 7-8 out of ten for me to go for her period. I promise my life on that.

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