Why would a guy try to buy a girls love?

What motivates someone to buy someone else's love? Why would they do this? What's the point?


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  • Well think of it this way.
    Time is money, by spending money on a girl the man is giving her his time. He's saying, I worked hard to give you this.
    It's a form of showing appreciation and some women love it.

    • see, that makes it seem like a positive. I'm seeing a guy I like and he tends to talk about money a lot... and buys a lot. People are worried he's just buying my love. How would I know though?

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    • He also might have low self esteem that he thinks that all he has to offer you is money. Ask the people who are saying that he's trying to buy your love the following. If a man who has no money, no job, picks flowers for you and a man who has money, works hard for it, buys you flowers. Which guy would you choose? The guy who has no job and no money but all the time in the world to pick you flowers, or the guy that has money and brings home a paycheque and can buy you flowers.

    • yeah, the more time we spend together. Definitely don't think he's trying to buy my love at all. he's starting to let me pay a bit more. Um in that situation I'd pick the guy with a paycheck. it's sweet that a guy without money would do that, but also a little impractical, right?

  • Some girls' love is for sale.

    • how does that work? I don't get it. I'm dating this guy who pays for everything and makes a lot of money. he even offers to buy my lingere. how do I know he's genuine?

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    • That's a good sign!

    • I think he was just raised pretty traditionally.

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