How to keep conversations interesting?

So I met this through a mutual friend if ours and I got her number. Im honestly not much of a texter. Im waaay better talking face to face or over the phone. But Im in high school and we're in the 21st century texting is now basic medium for conversation. So I texted her and things started out reaaaallly well. The conversation was funny, witty light and she acted pretty interested. Over the past couple days the conversations have dried up some. She's taking a loooong time to respond and honestly the convos aren't even that interesting. What can I can text her to spice it up and keep it interesting? And is it bad that she's taking so long to respond?

Thanks guys


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  • She may be busy, you never know. Once me and my boyfriend started texting for hours daily, it got pretty dry as expected. Our lives aren't that interesting so we were running out of things to say to one another. How was your day, what are you up to, really basic stuff couldn't be more dull. I'd say start asking her deeper questions. What are your biggest fears? What are you looking forward to in the future? What do you think about (insert topic you both are into) or even venture into flirting a little bit to see how she reacts! If she likes you she will really enjoy it :) hope I helped a little!

    • You helped a bunch actually. Maybe I won't text her as frequently especially if there's not much to say. Thanks!

    • Oh good I'm glad :) yes! Girls are very understanding when it comes to not texting everyday, we get it. Life happens, and she may be busy with other things and won't worry about you texting less often. Hell, it might even make her miss you from not being constantly available. I do this with my boyfriend sometimes, not with the ill intent of ignoring him but just to make our next conversation more fun. If you ever need any more suggestions feel free to inbox me!

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  • ask her to meet up somewhere phones should only be used for meeting up. they create too much paranoia other wise, Like you have started to question your own ability to converse with another human being crazy.


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  • talk about things that she's interested in.


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