She always says my son?

Would this drive anyone else crazy? My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years now. Whenever his mom is talking to me and she is referring to him she says my son. For example we are long distamce and she will text me and say when are you going to visit my son.. I dunno to me it sounds almost like she is showing ownership or something by constantly saying my son my son. Like yes we know he is your son but he has a name why can't she just say when are you visiting Andrew? Like a normal person. I don't talk to friends who know him or his mom and say my boyfriend. Is that weird to you guys?


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  • You're overthinking it, she's not doing it as a means to make a point.
    No different than you saying "Hey everyone this MY MOTHER".

    • Yeah but usually people refer to people as my boyfriend or gf/my son all the time to people who don't know them personally by name. He is my own boyfriend just say andrew. I mean I know she isn't doing it to purposely annoy me. It just sounds kinda like she can't cut the cord or something like. my son. Like when I talk to her I don't say my boyfriend all the time I just say Andrew. How is that any different?

    • And the my. mother thing is different because you don't address your mother by her first name . you actually call her mom or mother. You don't call your mom by her first name. But when she addresses "her son" and speaks to him she just says Andrew when talking to him she wouldn't go my son I have to ask you something.

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  • Could be the ownership thing or just habitual but it would get annoying

    • Its weird though like you don't need to keep saying my son that's already been determined he is your son. Imagine if I kept saying over and over my boyfriend.

    • Ugh I would get annoyed lol you're anger is justified

    • Haha that's what I thought

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