Will it ever be more?

Talking to this guy from FL he's one of my friends friends whom I met before. I helped my friend move down this last week and finally got to spend some qt with him finally this week and fell even harder for him. He was such a gentleman and treated me great. Caring loving with kisses etc and cared for my needs/ wants first. He always wanted to make sure I M taken care of. I get those butterfly feelings with him and I know he has them with me too. Told my friend I'm amazing etc. we talk about future too and what not butt when I was leaving asked what this was between us which I didn't know or he didn't now either. I asked if he wanted to try more but he said he wasn't ready. My friend told me his ex cheated on him could he potentially hVe trust issues and be worried I do the same or what is going on? I know we live in 2 different states but I was planning on moving down eventually as well. What could he be thinking? Is it his unsurness or what?


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  • I've never seen so many guys unwilling to date as I have on this site. I don't get it. My smug question is when will you be ready?

    • I'm starting to believe that when a guy says that he means not with you and instead of being a man and stating such he takes a pussy way out and leaves a woman hanging

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    • The question was to him when will he be ready? Just because a guy doesn't want to date you doesn't mean he's going to be a jerk to you. Manners still matter

    • True, well he was treating me like I was his girlfriend and not just one of his good friends. It was more than that. I'm just hoping he's ready soon and wants to start dating me.

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  • He's just not sure.

    • Well hope he thinks about it and realizes it's worth it and I would not treat him how his past girlfriend has

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