He keeps bringing up 'baby' talk all the time. does it mean anything?

so I've been dating my boyfriend for about a month now. he really loves kids and has told me that from the beginning. he said that if he got married, he would want his wife to stay at home and take care of the kids.

anyway, he keeps making references to how I look like a baby, how I have baby hands lol etc. saying i am cute like a baby. He recently asked me if I had any baby pictures of myself.

Why does he keep making references to me and babies lol?


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  • Run... This guy is looking to trap some poor lady.

    • Lol with babies?

    • Think about this... you get knocked up... then he bugs you to get hitched and all of a sudden he keeps you home and no one can be over. Then family gets forced to at a distance.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nothing wrong with loving babies, but it is odd that he is comparing you to a baby and attracted to you at the same time?

    • Lol trust me he doesn't have some baby fetish if that's what you think 😂

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  • That's a little weird. I wonder if he has a pregnancy fetish?

  • That's kind of weird.


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